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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

black & white, monochrome, Ocean Beach, Ocean Beach Fishing Pier, San Diego, Symmetry, Vanishing Point

For this week’s entry I’m going with the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier. I just squatted down for this image and made sure that I was right down the middle to get all my lines parellel 🙂

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While walking on the ocean beach pier my cousin yelled: “Look! Look!” and I saw this fisherman catch a stingray. I was trying to capture candids of the people that walk the pier but I thought this would be more interesting so I ran to him and asked if I could take pictures. He tried to pose with the stingray 🙂 and thats when I told him to do whatever he has to do and pretend I’m not there. (more…)

When in OB…

Yesterday, me & my cousin decided to check out the annual OTL(Over-The-Line) tournament that is held at Mission Beach, San Diego. I was told that I should at least check out once since I live here, its an event not to miss out. From my understanding its a real “fun” tournament that people get out of whack for, generally they have outrageous costumes and just less loose; I thought it would be a good photo opportunity, I like taking candid photos of colorful/expressive people. We decided to go around 4pm, any earlier the light would be too harsh and the images would washed out, but one thing (more…)