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Stroll on the beach

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An image of people taking a stroll on the sands of Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach’s Pier is quite unique, as you can see the first portion of the pier is made of chalets which is part of a hotel. That is the Crystal Pier Hotel, the link will take you to an image of the entrance.

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Vacation Rentals

Based on the sign I’m assuming this is a leasing office for vacation rentals, it was quite an interesting structure in the heart of Pacific Beach. With the end of the summer holidays I’m sure they are going to see a dip in business, I know it will be easier to park around the beaches in a couple of weeks 🙂

Closing up!

Its the end of the week and this is an image of a storage container of a sports shop in Pacific beach. It was the end of the day and one of the employees was storing away all the items that were displayed outside the store. I did ask for permission to take this shot as I didn’t want him to think I was scoping out the scene! Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Eat at Joe’s

The food must be so good that this guy just jumped off his bike and took his baby in for a snack 🙂 Not really sure what was going on but I thought it was an interesting composition specially with how yellow the pavement and the bricks got with the setting sun.

Break in the clouds

A picture of the sun sneaking through the clouds over Pacific Beach in San Diego; with La Jolla in the far background.

PB Pier

An image of Pacific Beach’s Pier in San Diego. This is the unique Pier where its also a hotel for the closer portion of the pier; its a bunch of chalets on the outer edge while the pathway down the middle is open to the public. The remainder of the Pier is just a walkway for the public as the chalets end at one point. You can see the entrance here, check it out its quite funky 🙂

Beach Rentals

An image of the beach rentals hut in Pacific Beach, I believe summer has started for most students by now but it will officially start for this one tonight 🙂 Another semester to bite the dust, time to rent a beach cruiser to take down the coast and just enjoy the summer 🙂

Miller’s Field

This is the back of a bar in Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach is an area in San Diego that is very popular for the college scene, so much so that certain bars are dedicated for fans/alumni of certain colleges. And for anyone familiar with American college sports can figure out which school does Miller’s Field support; just change the red with yellow and you have their logo 😉

Kono’s Coffee

Right on the pacific beach boardwalk I saw this little coffee shop, I was there around sunset so they must’ve have been closed for the day. I just looked it up and I think its just a coffee stand with a prime location for its patrons to sit down and enjoy their cup of joe 🙂 This is probably 20 feet away from the Pacific Beach Pier.

Lifeguard Central Tower

The main Lifeguard tower in Pacific Beach, its probably one of the larger central towers in all the beaches of San Diego.

Parked Cruiser

A Parked beach cruiser at Pacific Beach; I saw the sun in between the clouds and I thought a sunburst would make it look more interesting 🙂

Crystal Pier Hotel

Pacific Beach in San Diego has a Pier that is also a Private hotel; Crystal Pier hotel is a series of chalets located on the edge of the pier and that area is restricted to tenants of the hotel and staff. The “center” pathway is open to the public from 8am to sunset, if you look closely behind the child’s helmet you’ll see a little open gate to the right.

I had to stand in the middle of the road to take this image, luckily a couple of cars came by which forced me to move; by the time I came back and setup my tripod the sun created this nice glow behind the clouds.