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Water fountain

The water fountains at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.



The Departures board at Pearson International Airport (Toronto)

A Sea hunter

This is an image of Mike Fletcher, the diver from the Discovery Channel’s show Sea Hunters. I was sitting at the airport bar watching the Olympics until I had to board my first flight to make way back to San Diego; a gentlemen asked me if I didn’t mind him sitting in the chair beside me and I obviously said no so he sat there and we started to chat about the differences between Canadian beer and American beer and why light beer seems to sell the US yet it hardly exists in Canada! While we were chatting I thought he looked familiar but (more…)

The long way back

This an image of the moving walkway besides the gate of my flight back from Toronto. I had to take an initial flight from Toronto to Washinghton, D.C. and then to Los Angeles and from there I drove to San Diego so it was quite an eventful day! It was great to disconnect from the world and just enjoy my time off with family and friends, but now I’m back and shall try my best at keeping the daily posts going again 🙂

Waiting for Clearance

An image that I took from a plane while we were waiting for clearance to fly; as you can see the weather wasn’t co-operating and it was raining quite heavily so there some obvious delays. This was taken in Toronto on my way back to San Diego from my Italy trip; not the ideal route but I thought I’d make a pit stop and see my family 🙂 Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend.

Go in, I’m here

A candid of two siblings at Toronto Pearson Airport playing around. It appears that the older brother was encouraging his scared little sister to go in; somehow I have the feeling that he didn’t have the best intentions in mind 🙂 This might appear like a fisheye lens but its not, the terminal’s ceiling is curved

A piece of history

I think there will come a point in time where pay phones will only reside in communication museums, day by day their presence is shrinking as cell phones usage is on the rise. I took this at Toronto’s Pearson International airport, which I suppose could be one of the few places that would still need to have pay phones for international visitors. I can’t think of many other places besides airports & hospitals that would need pay phones, once that hurdle is tackled than I believe pay phones are well on their way to the communications museum 🙂