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Corporate Bully

Absract, Door, Gate, HDR, San FranciscoIf you’d like to buy a print of the image above click here or on the image itself

**** Update: After a week of playing hard ball with me, in less than 24 hrs of posting this post it was finally removed. I don’t how but maybe social media does work 🙂

Yesterday’s post was about what makes me happy but today’s post is about something that is making me angry! I’m definitely feeling like a small man knocking on the bully’s door and he is refusing to acknowledge me… you’ll notice that I’m adding a little blurb under my images because of this incident. Here is what is going on, sometime last week I wanted to try the google search by images feature by using one of my own (more…)

Waiting for the game

A handheld HDR that I took at Qualcomm stadium a few months back while waiting for the game between the San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs. With regards to my post yesterday complaining about the lack of clouds, well…. here are the clouds 🙂

Qualcomm Stadium

Qualcomm Stadium, home of the San Diego Chargers.

Took this image 2 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to go twice in the past 7 days. A friend of mine invited me to this particular game against the Kansas City Chiefs and then I went this past weekend to the game vs the Miami Dolphins. Luckily they won both games and my record at the Chargers game stands at 4-2, the game is so much more fun when the Chargers win 🙂

Tailgating with Chargers fans

A friend of mine was kind enough to invite me to a Chargers game this past Sunday, the Chargers were playing the Kansas City Chiefs in the first divisional match for the Chargers this season. We got in touch with our other friend from work, who is a season ticket holder and we got to tailgate with him and his crew at Qualcomm Stadium. It was a lot of fun as we watched highlights from the other matches going on in the league, it was my first true tailgating experience so wasn’t really sure what happens. The best way to describe it is going to a picnic with your friends but outside the stadium, and just like when you go to any park: some groups are tame and some get out of control. Luckily our group and the people around us were all good fun folks 🙂