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Red River Hog

diptych, Potamochoerus Porcus, Red River Hog, San Diego Zoo

This is a diptych of the Red River Hog which is also known as Potamochoerus Porcus. According to the San Diego zoo’s website: It is named for its reddish brown fur, and the fact that it often wades through water. ( Red river hogs don’t live in the Red River!) These pigs are active both day and night and are good swimmers, holding their tails above the water. They can also swim underwater, catching a breath every 15 seconds or so. The hogs are hunted in their native habitat by leopards.



A picture of a Guanaco at the San Diego Zoo. Guanacos look very much like llamas and for me the best way to distinguish between them is that llamas have much thicker fur, much more sheep like than the Guanacos.


Panda Bears are a big draw at the San Diego Zoo, they have their own exhibit which requires only a certain amount of people in at a time. This creates a bit of a traffic jam but people are generally considerate and stick around for a reasonable amount of time to watch the Pandas.

Luckily for us we caught him when (more…)

Its all about the light

I really got into photography about three years ago and one of the first things I said: “I want a DSLR that takes really nice pictures, with amazing saturated colors but I don’t need a professional camera!”. My friend told me at the time, buy a cheap camera, a good lens and learn how to capture light and thats how you will learn photography. I rolled my eyes and I stuck to my guns, light? I don’t want to be a pro, I just want to take nice pictures! Ironically, the roles are reversed now; when I get asked I preach the importance of light yet no one takes me seriously 🙂

After a year of shooting I started to notice the importance (more…)

Eye contact

This is an image of some kind of monkey at the San Diego Zoo. I love it when you get eye contact with an animal, I was going through some pics and I thought I had to post this one. I wonder if the he/she is caged for safety reasons or for fear of it escaping? I’m sure that there were some species of monkeys in the zoo that were free to roam their area and they didn’t seem to come towards the people so whats this guy’s story?! I’m hoping some monkey lover can help me identify it and solve this mystery 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy the weekend everyone.

Encounter with a vulture

This is a close up of a vulture that came really close to the boundary of the enclosure that they are kept in at the San Diego Zoo. Surprisingly they don’t look that intimidating from a distance, they are like a hybrid of Flamengos/Ostriches that can fly! This young vulture came really close and I got to zoom in and see how rugged they really are, those beaks sure can shred through flesh like a razor sharp knife. BTW, I could tell he was a young vulture by his roughly round & dark head. As humans age, their hair turns grey and for some of us it starts to shed ;-), for vultures (more…)


A diptych of an antelope at the San Diego zoo.

A Gentle Giant

If you look at the above close up you’d probably never guess that this gentle giant can be so vicious & fatal! This series of images were taken at the Polar Bear exhibit at the San Diego zoo back in November. It’s a very interactive exhibit for children, there is a playground as soon as you enter that will let them feel as if they are in the arctic. There is also a life size bear statue that they can compare their size to; and that will always a draw the kids & adults in 🙂 They can also weigh themselves on a scale that shows their weight compared to a bear’s life cycle; most humans (more…)


Koala Diptych

I was doing some clean up of my hard drive and I realized I had all these images from my trip to the zoo that I have yet to post. This was from the Koala exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, in a previous post about the Leopard I mentioned my concern for their liberty to move around. I didn’t get that feeling with the Koalas, their area was quite spacious and they all seemed very relaxed and comfortable as in the above diptych. They also (more…)