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The view

Cityscape, CN Tower, Downtown Toronto, Rogers Center, skyline, Toronto

This is a view of Toronto from one of my best friend’s balcony. He just recently moved out of that apartment and I thought I’d post this image that I took from one of my last visits to his place. It was a great view specially with how dynamic the weather is in Toronto, in this occasion it was a break in the clouds from what later became heavy Thunderstorms.

Stay Classy San Diego

An image of the beautiful skyline of this city that I’ve been calling home for almost the last 4 years. By the time this post gets released I should be an hour away from landing in my real hometown, Toronto 🙂 I’m going back for a much needed 2 week vacation to visit family and friends and I just can’t describe how excited I am, this is my longest visit since I left back in 2008. I will try to keep my regular posts even though I missed one yesterday due to packing and some other shenanigans 😉 While I’m gone though, I trust that you’ll stay classy San Diego… see you in 2 weeks.

Around the corner

I intended to go to Coronado Island to take a panoramic of the San Diego skyline around sunset. The “spot” was just around the corner but I thought this was an interesting view with all the flowers; I mentioned in a previous post that its been a very flowery season in San Diego this year 🙂