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Winners, Just Do It!

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I stood across the street trying to compose this shot and by the time I pressed the shutter I got lucky with my timing to come up with this image. I like how the bicycle is ahead of the car, its very fitting for the title: Winners, Just do it! They don’t whine and make excuses about what they have, they just do it 🙂


Postal Service

With the Northern hemisphere celebrating Labor day, all businesses & government services should be closed today. This is an image of a Canada Post truck that stopped at a traffic light while I was roaming the streets of Toronto, I thought it would be fitting to remind you that there will be no postal service with Labor day. Enjoy the day off 🙂


As we were walking out of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, I noticed what appears to be two siblings helping their mom walk down the stairs. I thought it was telling of the times and how the roles have been reversed as its time for the younger generation to take care of the one that raised them.


One of Toronto’s scramble crossings; Bay & Bloor.

Pink is Dead

An interesting setup that I found while waiting for my food during lunch, my friends were kind enough to wait for my to be ready so I excused myself for a 5 minute excursion around the block. We were grabbing some fish Tacos at a local fish market in La Jolla and I figured the back alley of the market would be interesting. It wasn’t exactly them, but whoever owns that unit is clearly sending a message out: “Pink is Dead”. I know a lot of the ladies won’t agree with this 🙂

Yonge Street

An image I took of Yonge Street while walking around downtown Toronto. According to wikipedia, Yonge Street was formerly the longest road in the world. I just found out about the “formerly” part as I thought it was still “currently” 🙂 In either case, the theme was long road, and rotating my wide angle lens in a vertical position really helped dramatize the effect that I wanted to get across.

Pit Lanes

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that parking at Torrey Pines road, which is directly on the beach, is almost impossible specially during “tourist” season. The southbound lane is quite wide and that is to allow whoever is using the street parking to reverse out and merge into traffic without really causing any havoc. Unfortunately people abuse that extra space and turn into a scene similar to a racing pit lanes, a lot of cars wait until a spot opens up like above and below. (more…)


While walking on the ocean beach pier my cousin yelled: “Look! Look!” and I saw this fisherman catch a stingray. I was trying to capture candids of the people that walk the pier but I thought this would be more interesting so I ran to him and asked if I could take pictures. He tried to pose with the stingray 🙂 and thats when I told him to do whatever he has to do and pretend I’m not there. (more…)

When in OB…

Yesterday, me & my cousin decided to check out the annual OTL(Over-The-Line) tournament that is held at Mission Beach, San Diego. I was told that I should at least check out once since I live here, its an event not to miss out. From my understanding its a real “fun” tournament that people get out of whack for, generally they have outrageous costumes and just less loose; I thought it would be a good photo opportunity, I like taking candid photos of colorful/expressive people. We decided to go around 4pm, any earlier the light would be too harsh and the images would washed out, but one thing (more…)