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SUV with a spark

This is my friend’s SUV, we stopped for a coffee break and the thing to do in Mississauga is hang out at the parking lots of donut shops! I saw the sun setting behind the car and tried to give it a bit of spark. Happy Friday 🙂

Overlooking the city

An image of downtown San Diego taken from Balboa Park (the very south end of it). The bridge that is to the left is crossing over Interstate-5 which runs all the way from Mexico to Canada!

Closing up!

Its the end of the week and this is an image of a storage container of a sports shop in Pacific beach. It was the end of the day and one of the employees was storing away all the items that were displayed outside the store. I did ask for permission to take this shot as I didn’t want him to think I was scoping out the scene! Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Worldbeat Cultural Center

This in an image of the Worldbeat Cultural Center in Balboa Park, its a non-profit institution dedicated to African and African-American arts and culture. They offer classes international dance and drumming year around, along with concerts and lectures. There was a group of about 5 to 7 people playing their drums on the other side of the center and that really confused me at the time, I wasn’t sure if it was a drum store or a museum! Anyway its Monday and what better way to start off the week than with a sunburst, enjoy the start of the work week 🙂