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Stroll on the beach

Beach, HDR, Pacfic Beach, Pacific Beach, Pacific Beach Pier, San Diego, sunburst

An image of people taking a stroll on the sands of Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach’s Pier is quite unique, as you can see the first portion of the pier is made of chalets which is part of a hotel. That is the Crystal Pier Hotel, the link will take you to an image of the entrance.

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Descending Sun

HDR, La Jolla, La Jolla Shores, Landscape, San Diego, sunburst, sunset

Yet another week comes to an end and what better way to end it than another sunset from La Jolla shores 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

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Overlooking the city

An image of downtown San Diego taken from Balboa Park (the very south end of it). The bridge that is to the left is crossing over Interstate-5 which runs all the way from Mexico to Canada!

Lets play ball

This is an image that I took prior to the first pitch being thrown between the Toronto Blue Jays and Oakland Athletics back in July of this year when I was in Toronto visiting. Luckily the weather was quite hot that day and the roof was open, which gave for a great backdrop for the image here 🙂 Sadly though, the Blue Jays lost that day 7-2 (July 24) and the following day was the worst loss in their franchise history: 16-0 also to the Athletics.

Closing up!

Its the end of the week and this is an image of a storage container of a sports shop in Pacific beach. It was the end of the day and one of the employees was storing away all the items that were displayed outside the store. I did ask for permission to take this shot as I didn’t want him to think I was scoping out the scene! Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Break in the clouds

A picture of the sun sneaking through the clouds over Pacific Beach in San Diego; with La Jolla in the far background.


A plane landing into San Diego International Airport over Balboa Park.

Worldbeat Cultural Center

This in an image of the Worldbeat Cultural Center in Balboa Park, its a non-profit institution dedicated to African and African-American arts and culture. They offer classes international dance and drumming year around, along with concerts and lectures. There was a group of about 5 to 7 people playing their drums on the other side of the center and that really confused me at the time, I wasn’t sure if it was a drum store or a museum! Anyway its Monday and what better way to start off the week than with a sunburst, enjoy the start of the work week 🙂

Sunny Days

Summer is just around the corner for the Northern hemisphere and the majority of us will experience longer and sunnier days ahead. This is an image that I took in Coronado Island in between what I believe a retirement housing complex; I adjusted my angle to get the sun peaking right in between the building and the tree, I hope you like the sunburst 🙂

Parked Cruiser

A Parked beach cruiser at Pacific Beach; I saw the sun in between the clouds and I thought a sunburst would make it look more interesting 🙂

Griffith Observatory

A full frontal view of the entrance to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Its located on top of Mt. Hollywood which will allow you to see the famous “Hollywood” sign and oddly for the city of Los Angeles; entrance and parking are free! There is a live show in the Planetarium however that does require cost $3-$7. We were heading to Venice Beach after so we didn’t have time to check out the show.

Over the Rocks

A sunset at Venice Beach that I took a few weeks back when I visited with my cousin. I was drawn to the texture of the rocks and I had seen that the sun was getting very close to their level, I setup my tripod and waited until it got very close and fired off these brackets. One thing that is not very clear here is the little cloud of sand that the wind had created, you can see a settle hint of it on top of the little hill along the line of the lifeguard tower; thats due to the fact that I used a wide angle lens and the background only looks smaller and further!

Another sunburst

Starting off this work week with a sunburst over our corporate headquarters. This is the building that I work at; overall I was told that we have 42 buildings and I suspect that one day my group will be relocated to another building since we are not customer facing. The dome that you see is our auditorium were we hold big group meetings and hold some major events; for example once a month we play a movie that every employee is invited to bring his family too (free of charge). Also during the FIFA world cup, they showed the semi-final matches live on the big screen which created a nice world cup atmosphere. Ahhhhhh, the little perks that make you enjoy working for your company 🙂 (more…)

Abu Dhabi Sunburst

Its been a few hot & humid days in San Diego which is not the norm, specially the humidity! All of this heat made me think of my time in the UAE, even though I was there before their “hot season” started it was definitely hot & muggy. This shot was taken at the Yas Marina which is the island that they hold the Formula 1 race at; we stepped out of the building for no more than 5 minutes so I (the tourist :)) can see more of the track. I snapped this image and a few more that I shared in a previous post. (more…)

Sunset between the Americas

Canon EOS 5D MkII, EF 16-35 f/2.8L @ 16 mm, f/8.0 , ISO 160

I don’t know why but the shape of the clouds looks like the American continents me! The sun is setting right where Mexico is 🙂