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Clear Path

Downtown San Diego, HDR, Night, Palm trees, Symmetry

Downtown San Diego at night where all the traffic was going into the city as opposed to the ocean.

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Abstract, Abu Dhabi, Symmetry, Tunnel, UAE

A section of an underground tunnel in Abu Dhabi’s corniche.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

black & white, monochrome, Ocean Beach, Ocean Beach Fishing Pier, San Diego, Symmetry, Vanishing Point

For this week’s entry I’m going with the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier. I just squatted down for this image and made sure that I was right down the middle to get all my lines parellel 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Airport, black & white, monochrome, Symmetry, movator, moving walkway, Toronto Pearson Airport

This week’s photo challenge is about something that is Big; larger than life. Here is the biggest terminal (Terminal 1) in the biggest airport in Canada (Toronto’s Pearson International). This is just a portion of the US side of the terminal, there is an international side of the terminal and the reason for this is because you clear US customs in most Canadian Airports. Technically this picture was taken in an area that is under US law which makes arriving at your destination a much more convenient process; since you’ve already gone through the hassle of clearing customs you just pick up your luggage and go.

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Technically this is not a tunnel so the title is not applicable but you get where I’m going with this 🙂 I love symmetrical pictures, I tend to see them or look for them everywhere and with the sun being right down the middle, it was too good to resist. This was a small dock in Mission Bay, San Diego… Happy Tuesday 🙂

Inside Out

A very interesting house that we saw on our way back from lunch one day. The front yard looks like an indoor garage that had the front door removed to give it an open concept feeling! Not until I processed this image did I notice that the marking on the ground is potentially the divider for cars to park, I was drawn to all the lines inside the garage 🙂

Our Universities

No man should escape our universities without knowing how little he knows.
~J. Robert Oppenheimer

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big advocate of education and I’m actually working on my grad degree. I just agree with the quote, the more I know the more I know there is more to know 🙂

Stairs & Ramps

Going back to my trip to Abu Dhabi from last year, here is another image from my one only attempt to go on a morning walk. These are the stairs and ramps that take you to the corniche from the underground tunnels that connect you the city. I had previously posted about the underground tunnel and I must admit its one of my favorite images that I took. In case you can’t tell, I had symmetry on mind that day 🙂

Deserted Hallway

This is an image that I took of my office’s hallway shortly after the power outage that we experienced in San Diego back in September of 2011. Initially, we thought we had a glitch at the power generator in our campus but slowly we started to get the news that this was city wide. Some people started to leave anticipating a very long drive home and some like myself decided to stick around and kill time with colleagues until the mayhem died down. Considering how much time I had to kill I decided to take pictures of the office & the campus but I forgot my tripod so I could only shoot until the sunset and that’s when I went home that night.

Man in the tunnel

This is from that infamous day in Abu Dhabi, where I thought I can handle the heat of the Middle East; after all I grew up there. While I had about an hour to kill early in the morning I strolled for a walk to the corniche and decided to take some pics. The terrain has changed so much since I grew up there; now you have to take an underground tunnel to get to the other side of the road! This is the tunnel looking back into the city, one of the workers was biking towards me and I just caught him while he was dab smack in the middle 🙂


Canon EOS 5D MkII, EF16-35 f/2.8L II @ 26mm, f/2.8, ISO 200

I’ve been trying to redo the shot below now that I have full frame camera, I wanted to redo it in landscape mode and print it on a canvas that I got from Unfortunately the Pier was crowded with 3 other photographers already setup with all their tripods so I thought I would just add to the mayhem. I ended up walking around UCSD’s campus instead and it turned out quite a good shooting opportunity. Goes to show that when one door of opportunity closes there just another one right around the corner full of other opportunities 🙂

I’ll post more shots from today in a future entry…

The image that I was trying to redo:

Canon XSi, EF-16-35 f/2.8L II @ 23mm, f/8.0, ISO 100