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Cliffs of Torrey Pines

Yesterday I was lucky enough to play the South course of Torrey Pines, those of you that don’t know its a big deal when it comes to golf. Apparently its in the top 10 best courses to play in the US according to one of the guys in our golf group, and it was site of the 2008 US Open and annually it hosts the Farmers Insurance Open. The scenery on some of the holes is just incredible, you are constantly reminded of the steep cliffs of Torrey Pines as they overlook the Pacific Ocean. I took this image (more…)


To the edge

Torrey Pines State Park

It appears as if this path leads you all the way to the edge of the cliff, but that’s just an illusion created by using a wide angle lens which makes the background look further and in essence smaller. If you look really closely at the bottom of the path you’ll see that it’s blocked off by a rope and you have to go to the left. This was taken at Torrey Pines around sunset when the Marine layers just came out in full force hence ruining any great sunset opportunities! I had to work with the elements of that day 🙂

Hiking Path

Another image from my hike in Torrey Pines. That was the point that I looked back and realized that I couldn’t see where I started my hike – in this case it was the point that I derailed from my usual path. I thought it was best to just keep on going, drinking water was all that I wanted to do and in my opinion hesitation more often than not is a bad idea 🙂

Windy Road

The beautiful and windy roads of Torrey Pines, this is such a picturesque part of town and if you’re not into pictures then go there for a bike ride or hike, you won’t regret it. I took this picture from the top of Torrey Pines and as far as I can get to the edge, there was a sign that actually warned of unstable rocks and that’s where I stopped; I really wanted to take those extra 5 steps as they would’ve given me the point of view that I was looking for but there was a possibility of me never showing the picture and ending up on the local news so this will do 🙂

Hurdle Ahead

Taken at Torrey Pines

One Path

Sometimes in life we are forced down one path, whether we like it or not more often than not its too late to turn around and we must continue what we had already started. What awaits us around the corner is the unknown, and with uncertainty comes adventure. (more…)

Oh Lucy!

Lucy, Oh Lucy, you must’ve been one special girl for this person to carve your name into the chair so deeply 🙂 I didn’t do it justice as the point of view that I went with focused more on compressing the lines than showing the carving, my bad! If you look at the center of you can see the “LUC” but the “Y” is more difficult to see. This was taken during a hike at Torrey Pines State Reserve.


Life is all about choices, in this particular case I was hiking in Torrey Pines State Reserve and I came across a fork in the road; I had the choice to go left (which is the trail that I know) or go right and explore a brand new trail. I chose the right path and this shot was taken as I made that decision. It was an interesting choice as my 30 minute hike around sunset ended up being well over an hour; it wasn’t that bad except for the fact that I was carrying roughly 7 lbs of equipment on me and I had no water and it was getting dark so any sound that came of the bushes didn’t give me that comforting feeling. I had been told that the park has its fair share of rattle snakes so I was on the look for one of those. I didn’t have any encounter but here are some tips that I’m sharing after this hike: (more…)

Flying by

This long exposure was taken at Torrey Pines State Reserve overlooking Torrey Pines Rd. I took this shot just past sunset, which is one of the few times that you can have the streaking effect with a well lit scene without the use of any ND (Neutral Density) filters. The long shutter speed allows enough ambient light to register on the sensor to produce a normally lit scene while all the moving objects (cars) create the streaking effect.

Even though I wasn’t really going for it, I really like how the Marine layer effect was captured. If you look at the cliffs on the right, that haze is a Marine layer, which is caused by warm air hitting the cool ocean surface. Marine Layers are much closer to sea level (only a few feet high), in person they are a lot easier to tell from a cloud.

Waiting for the train

If you look closely under the road/”bridge” you’ll notice that there is a set of train tracks there. I had just missed the train and I thought it would be a really cool shot if I can have the train with the sunset; I set up, I waited and waited and waited but it never came back again. While I was waiting I took this set of brackets that I turned into an HDR 🙂

Pit Lanes

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that parking at Torrey Pines road, which is directly on the beach, is almost impossible specially during “tourist” season. The southbound lane is quite wide and that is to allow whoever is using the street parking to reverse out and merge into traffic without really causing any havoc. Unfortunately people abuse that extra space and turn into a scene similar to a racing pit lanes, a lot of cars wait until a spot opens up like above and below. (more…)

This is Torrey Pines

Most people would think of the golf course when they hear the phrase “Torrey Pines”, and yes this is where the famous golf course is; its actually just behind the greenery that you see, closer to the cliffs. There are actually two golf courses: north & south course, the tournament is usually played on the south course which is what divides the course from the state park. The park has many trails, I’ve only personally walked two different ones but I think there are a few more! You can walk up the hills to the top and then pick one of the trails or you can just walk all the way on the beach and then take a set a stairs that lead you on a trail path to the top.

Torrey Pines State beach has also more of a family atmosphere as no one gets out of control, its not the college scene as some other San Diego beaches. Parking however is a different story: its best to park on Carmel Valley Rd and walk under the bridge to get to the beach. I’m surprised at how many people just wait on Torrey Pines Rd for a spot to open up, I don’t think its worth it specially during “tourist” season.

Please click on the image to see the full size Panorama, there is a lot of detail 🙂


I was sitting on the ledge trying to frame an image that shows “traffic” on Torrey Pines Rd, what I really had in mind is those stock images you see in offices that say: Intensity, Determination, Road to Success, etc… I framed the cyclist into the foreground and I must’ve subconsciously notified him of me taking the picture or something because he came back from the other side of the road and asked me to share the image with him. Unfortunately I forgot my wallet at home so I couldn’t give him one of my mini-cards, he had to memorize the address and I promised that I would share it tonight, here it is 🙂