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The Tracks

Buidling, Downtown Toronto, Rogers Center, Skydome, Train Track

A picture of the train tracks that lead to Union Station, Toronto’s main train station located in the heart of downtown. This is where the western trains meet at; you get to really appreciate the volume of people that move in and out of the city during rush hour (I used to take these tracks when I was going to university). However, I took this image on the day that we went to the Blue Jays game back in July.

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Train track

An image of the train tracks of San Clemente train station. I spent quite a bit of time composing this image and trying to find the “right” height to shoot from, what I was going for was the tracks to ascend into the horizon while the palm trees descende into it forming a meeting spot at the bridge. I hope you enjoy today’s image.

Trees & Track

A view from San Clemente’s train station overlooking the palm trees that form a corridor around the track. A few yards after the station ends, the track runs right against the ocean so I can only imagine that one would enjoy the scenery from the ride. I decided to go with the vertical layout as I thought all the lines converging down the middle would draw the viewer’s eyes down the track way more than had I gone with the landscape layout.