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Abstract, Abu Dhabi, Symmetry, Tunnel, UAE

A section of an underground tunnel in Abu Dhabi’s corniche.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Abu Dhabi, Collage, UAE

This is my entry for this week’s photo challenge, a collage of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The place has changed so much over the years that I hardly recognize it, where there used to be water they have built man made land!

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Stairs & Ramps

Going back to my trip to Abu Dhabi from last year, here is another image from my one only attempt to go on a morning walk. These are the stairs and ramps that take you to the corniche from the underground tunnels that connect you the city. I had previously posted about the underground tunnel and I must admit its one of my favorite images that I took. In case you can’t tell, I had symmetry on mind that day 🙂

Abu Dhabi Sunburst

Its been a few hot & humid days in San Diego which is not the norm, specially the humidity! All of this heat made me think of my time in the UAE, even though I was there before their “hot season” started it was definitely hot & muggy. This shot was taken at the Yas Marina which is the island that they hold the Formula 1 race at; we stepped out of the building for no more than 5 minutes so I (the tourist :)) can see more of the track. I snapped this image and a few more that I shared in a previous post. (more…)

Kick back and relax

Here is another one from the archives, actually I think there is going to be a heavy reliance on my archives for the next couple of days/weeks. I really want to get back to posting often but that thing that is called real life is taking a toll on me; all is good, just super busy with my real job. This one is back from Abu Dhabi and it was across the very famous Sheikh Zayed mosque (I believe its currently the largest mosque in the world). A few minutes earlier when I was trying to photograph the mosque I was talked to by security, they didn’t want me to take pictures of that housing complex across the water but he was OK with me taking pictures of the mosque; I actually had to show him on my camera! The more I think about it its probably because that part of the world really likes to go all out when it comes to architecture, each housing complex has its own unique design and trademarks. Unlike North America where there are about 4-5 main builders with their own style that we just see over & over, so perhaps they didn’t want someone to copy the design?!?! (more…)

Ramadan Mubarak

Yesterday was the beginning of Ramadan and I thought I’d post something related to it. This is also from my recent trip to Abu Dhabi, the funny thing is that I remember mosques to be HUGE while growing up there; now that I’ve gone back after so many years they seem so much smaller, I remember them being larger than anything! There are still some really large mosques in the city, matter of fact I think they have the largest one in the world but the local mosques are primarily small. They are also everywhere now and I would assume to meet the highly dense population, each one of these mosques would probably hold 50-75 people and this row of towers was stretched over a few kilometers. Now that I do the math it makes sense why they had 4 or 5 of similar size mosques in this row of buildings. Anyway enough of my urban planning analysis :), Ramadan Mubarak to those who celebrate the month…

Gazebo at Yas Hotel

Gazebo at Yas Hotel
I took this shot at one of the many resturants/bars in Yas Hotel during my recent trip to Abu Dhabi. This particular restaurant was closed, yet we were still allowed to walk in, look around and take pictures. Gotta love how relaxed things are over in the UAE 🙂

The windows overlook the Formula 1 track at the Yas Marina Circuit.