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University College

Architecture, HDR, U of T, University College, University of Toronto, Founding college of the University of Toronto

University College is a constituent college of the University of Toronto. It was founded in 1853 and considered by many as the founding college of the University of Toronto.


Camp One Iron Ring

Abstract, Camp One Iron Ring, Iron Ring, U of T, University of Toronto

An image of the Camp One Iron Ring office at the University of Toronto which is the office that manages the replacement of lost rings. The office had an old feel to it and since it brought back so many memories I decided to go with the sepia look. If you’d like to know more about the iron (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

HDR, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Building, U of T, University of Toronto, vanishing point

My entry for this week’s photo challenge is the entrance of the Mechanical Engineering building at the University of toronto. I just wonder how many generations have walked through these doors with renewed hopes of a brighter future ahead. It seems like it was yesterday that we walked out of these same doors into the real world… there has been 12 classes since us!

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Convocation Hall

Architecture, Convocation Hall, HDR, U of T, University of Toronto

This is the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall where every year the new graduating class holds their commencement ceremony at, due to the size of the University now the ceremonies are broken down by faculties for the most part and for (more…)

Galbraith Structure

Engineering Building, Galbraith Building, HDR, Toronto, U of T, University of Toronto

This is the structure that sits outside of Galbraith Building at the University of Toronto. Galbraith is the where the office of registar is for the faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, its also home to the Civil Engineering & Engineering Science division. We all had different classes at the various Engineering buildings, but most of the specialized labs where in the buildings of their respective division.

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Brick Wall, HDR, Toronto, U of T, University of Toronto, Urbex, Varsity Arena

“There are four kinds of people in the world, Ms. Harper. Those who build walls. Those who protect walls. Those who breach walls. And those who tear down walls. Much of life is discovering who you are. When you find out, you also realize there are places you can no longer go, things you can no longer do, words you can no longer say.”
― P.S. Baber, Cassie Draws the Universe

Underground Parking

Architecture, HDR, U of T, Underground Parking, University of Toronto

Another image from my walk around the University of Toronto (U of T) campus, this one is of an underground parking. What I found interesting is how the ramp divides the new vs the old; I graduated from U of T back in 2000 and the school that I graduated from looked a lot more like the old buildings on the right! It has gone through a lot of change since then but they still managed to keep the historic look/feel to the campus which I like.

Innis Residence

An image of the Innis College Residence at the University of Toronto. Considering that the University of Toronto was founded in 1827 its pretty obvious that is one of the more modern residences on campus, back when I was enrolled there in the mid to late 90’s this was the hottest residence to get into. I on the other hand, commuted everyday from my parents house so I never got the residence experience and to be honest I’m not sure if I missed out!

Entrance & the Tower

This is the “Entrance” to the south side of the University of Toronto’s main campus, where the Engineering buildings reside and right in between the two poles is the CN Tower. I like how the University has closed the “inside” of the campus to cars and made it just accessible by foot.

Come on in!

A building on the University of Toronto Campus, most buildings are identified on campus with some sign but this had no form of identification. The moody sky sure does make it inviting though 😉

Students Union

This is an image of the University of Toronto’s Students Union headquarters which is located at 12 Hart House Circle. The street loops around to the building across on the left which has an athletic center in its basement that is commonly known around campus as Hart House.

Track & Field

With today being the last day of the Olympics, I thought it would be fitting to have a picture of a track. This is the University of Toronto’s main stadium/track with the CN Tower and the Toronto skyline in the background. College sports in Canada are nothing compared to what they are in the US, lets just say getting tickets to a game is not something you concern yourself with 🙂