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United Lounge

Airport, Airport Lounge, HDR, United Club, United Lounge, Washington Dulles Aiport

An image of the United Club (airport lounge) in Washington Dulles Airport, its almost the weekend and we all need a break specially moi. You see my alarm went off yesterday (Thursday) morning and I went to turn off while thinking whats wrong with it? why is it going off on a Saturday?! I kept on looking at my phone and it clearly said its Thursday, I started to track back my life and see where I lost track of things: it was Wednesday night passing out on the couch while watching TV! This is not that unusual for me (losing track of time), I go through these kind of moments a couple of times a year and its usually when my energy tank is almost empty. Looking forward to recharging but to put things in perspective I’m alive and loving it, can’t really complain much… Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Customer Service

Abstract, B&W, black & white, Customer Service, monochrome, Washington Dulles Aiport

One of the many customer service booths setup by United in Washington/Dulles Airport. I took this shot on my way back to San Diego after spending my summer vacation with my family up in Toronto, I could definitely use another trip to visit the family!